NextBig is a Czech-Slovak consultancy firm, established in March 2010 by four partners.

Miloš Čermák (1968)

Miloš is an analyst, commentator and expert on media. As a member of the Chair of Journalism, he gives lectures about new media and journalism at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Charles University in Prague. At the Pan European University in Bratislava, he teaches about media, the web or social media (blogs, Facebook, Twitter). He writes columns and comments for several dailies (Lidové noviny, E15, Sport, SME) and magazines (Reflex, Strategie). He also cooperates with the Czech Radio and other media.

Apart from his work in the field of media, he has published around twenty books, including an interview with Karel Kryl (Pulkacíř, 1994, 2009), a novel; ‘Jak se skáče na špek’ (2001) and column compilations; ‘Kdyby sólokapři měli křídla’ (2006) and ‘Nikomu to neříkej’ (2008). He is a co-author of one of the most popular Czech comics Hana & Hana. He also wrote several radio dramas and theatre plays.

 +420 602 318 216,    cermak@nextbig.cz    extra.cz
 facebook.com/milos.cermak    twitter.com/cermak


Tomáš Bella

Tomáš Bella (1979)

Tomáš studied journalism at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Comenius University in Bratislava. His work as a reporter in 1997 started his professional devotion to the internet. From 2000 onwards, he led the ‘Computers’ insert of the daily SME, focusing mainly on the impact of new technologies on society. He cooperated with the Institute for Public Affairs, helping with chapters about informatization in Slovak Reports on the State of Society in 2001-2005.

In 2007, he became the very first editor-in-chief of the now most popular Slovak news site: sme.sk, later becoming its deputy director. His responsibilities included new service development strategies, user-generated content, usability and information architecture. Tomáš is the author of ‘blog.sme.sk’ and a dozen other services. Furthermore, he gives lectures in on-line media at the Faculty of Mass Media of the Pan European University in Bratislava. In 2010, he was named one of the world’s leading innovators in journalism by journalism.co.uk.
 +421 905 840 410    bella@nextbig.sk    free.perohryz.eu


Adam Javůrek (1981)

Adam started publishing on the internet in 1999 and soon on-line media and new communication trends became his primary focus. In 2003, he was awarded the prestigious “Novinářská křepelka” for internet journalism. He worked as the leader in a number of internet projects for the Czech weekly Respekt, and as an external consultant and tutor of the company Dobrý web (copywriting).

As a participant in the Vodafone Foundation project ‘A Year Differently’, he helped non-profit organizations with on-line marketing. Adam specializes in social networks, user-generated content, location based services and copywriting. He earned his university degree in Journalism and Media studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Charles University in Prague. Now he gives lectures at the Palacký University in Olomouc and Masaryk University in Brno.

 +420 732 961 234    javurek@nextbig.cz    online.zurnalistika.cz
 facebook.com/adam.javurek    twitter.com/adbar   LinkedIn


Libor Rychetský (1963)

As the executive officer, Libor is responsible for the management of NextBig.

He studied at the Czech Technical University in Prague. He became an entrepreneur in 1991 and now, besides NextBig, he owns and manages a company exporting industrial goods. In 1992, he co-founded the advertising agency ‘TIME’.

 +420 728 824 161  rychetsky@nextbig.cz


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