The internet is changing rapidly, but how can you deal with a constant stream of emerging trends? Do you need advice on what to focus on and how to proceed? We will help you choose the right strategy for social networks like Facebook or Twitter. We will show you how to be part of the mobile revolution; which applications to develop, how to tap location based services (services using information about customer location from mobile phone data), or whether you can employ augmented reality (reality augmented by virtual information) and other new trends.

Complete turnkey internet projects
Do you need to attract more attention on the internet or engage your customers, but lack the ideas or time needed to make your new project happen? If so, our turnkey Order turnkey project service provides the perfect solution. Based on a personal meeting, we will figure out an original and efficient internet project that harnesses the newest (and most relevant) trends. After your approval, we will prepare detailed project documentation for your programmers or execute and lead the whole project for you.

Employee training and lectures
Do you need to train your team or employees? We will teach them how to write for the web, how to create a quality website, how to efficiently invest in marketing on the web - including social networks, or how to represent the company on Facebook and what to beware of. Our consultancy team has already trained hundreds of clients, as a reesult we are able to design a training scheme that closely matches your requirements. Practical examples will be included.

Are you about to make a giant leap in your internet presence? We will provide an unbiased view of your situation. Based on personal meetings and thanks to our rich experience, we will prepare a detailed analysis as well as our recommendation. Moreover, we are ready to present our results and answer your questions or complete the analysis in line with your needs and wishes.

Social network monitoring
How is your company doing on the internet? How is it perceived by its customers? What do they like and what do they criticize? Order social network monitoring. You will be aware of potential issues before they have a chance to reach the mainstream media and become a real threat to your online success. Thanks to monitoring and regular auditing, you will uncover where there is room for improvement in your communication as well as where you excel. You will gain an unbiased insight into the efficiency of your internet and social network communications.

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